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Group 60

60 minutes filled with bursts of cardio movements, strength training and music blaring!

beginner 45

45 minutes of bringing fitness back to the basics- mostly bodyweight movements with a few light weight exercises mixed in!

Sports 60

Athletic strength, conditioning and agility training. 


High Interval Training, with a row focus-lower impact with a high calorie burn!

Kid Fit 60

Have your child learn the fundamentals of exercises while having a blast!


Lead by Josh Bryan or Tyler Davis.

Push/pull 60

60 minutes of strength PUSH or PULL exercises-minimal cardio involved within this class-previous weight lifting knowledge is suggested but not required



Lead by Kendall or Tyler Davis.


Power movements which are sure to keep your heart rate sky high, while strengthening your body- water breaks only!

Strength 60

You'll never know what muscle group is heading your way or what exercises will be introduced in Strength 360, but Tyler is ready for you!


Open Gym- short board workout available OR feel free to create your own workout!

We ask that you please be aware of any personal training sessions being held during open gym, thank you!

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